Det vi (ikke) vet
Short film, drama.

Two people deal with their lack of connection in very different ways. One is completely stuck in place, while the other has gone far over the edge. At the sight of each other they do what humans always do – compare, imagine and dream.

The Loop
Short film, science fiction/thriller. Coming.

“Welcome to the MetaMorph Clinic, where happiness is within reach for all.”

Set in the near future, we meet Raspberry1508, her roommate Mango2203, their doctor and fellow clients in a wonderful spa called MetaMorph Clinic. They are all members of a society that wants everyone to become The Perfect Human™ to experience Total Happiness. The MetaMorph pampers the mostly willing subjects into perfection. But something isn’t right…

Short film, art documentary.

Azul is an attempt to explain to the child that we were how we are in the present. A dialogue that the director maintains with the child he was and with the viewer. A conversation in which the subconscious takes the reins of the situation.

Short film, drama.

Snowflake is a story about not belonging and to be moulded into a form that feels uncomfortable, about identity and is a reverse Billie Elliot story.

Andrea (11) finds herself in a ballet class with peer ballet girls and the strict ballet teacher Siss. Andrea do not feel comfortable, and struggles to find her place, she feels that she do not fit in. Her family that is unresponsive to her wish to quit the ballet and start playing football instead. It escalates when Siss is picking out students to a ballet, and Andrea gets the part as a snowflake.

Magic Number twelve
Short film, drama.

A young woman visits her mentally ill sister who lives in an institution. The two sisters discover that it’s difficult to communicate when they belong in different realities. One of them has tragic news to share but don’t know how to do it.

Magic Number Twelve is a short film that questions how people perceive reality. What is real and what is not? Mental illness is something that affects most people, but many don’t know how to deal with mental diseases.

Perfekte vegger
Short film, drama.

Julia lives with her father who struggles with alcoholism. After her mother passed away years ago, Julia and her father holds on to the memories through old photographs. Despite her unconditional love for her father, his problems have a damaging impact on Julia’s life. One day she discovers a secret revealing that her dad isn’t her real father, and their relationship is put into a new perspective.

Outro dia mais
Short film, art documentary.

A documentary that delves into the reasons for loneliness and the different ways of living them.

Five women express how they live day to day with loneliness, how they are affected and what they have learned over the years living with them. Outro dia mais is to enter the darkness to discover that there is also some brightness even in the darkest.

Blå crush
Short film, comedy.

Blå, a “leftie” politician, connects with a woman on Tinder. The are both in “the closet” and don’t know much about each other. They decide to meet. When the Blå comes to Rødt’s apartment, Rødt recognizes her right away. Blå is a controversial politician from an opposing party. They are both taken by surprise by the encounter, and their meeting doesn´t seem to go so well. Slowly, to their own surprise, they start to connect and leave their prejudices aside (with the tiny «aid» of alcohol).

Sus ojos
Short film, art documentary.

Sus ojos is an approach to the pain and loss that comes after a love break. Through color, sounds and images that want to entice you into a different world, the director tries to come close to the feelings that invade him every time love breaks down and the relationship, in which he was submerged, ends. The pain of the end, the joy of a new beginning, family and friends are represented in this film full of feelings.

A Place in the Sun 
Short film, drama.

In a city that could be almost anywhere in the world, a young girl (Kim) has to leave her shelter and find a place to stay for the night. All her belongings are in a suitcase. To find a place to sleep is not easy in a busy and expensive city. She calls friends and family for support, and the rejections are painful. She walks around the city until she enters a park where she meets an older homeless woman (Soraya). Soraya offers Kim a solution.

Ei natt
Short film, drama

Ei natt/A Night portrays the last part of a long journey as an unknown man flees his homeland. Suffering flashbacks of the conflict claiming the lives of family and friends, he finds himself constantly looking back, afraid of being caught and sent back to war. A lone wolf, he finds himself restlessly roaming around, all of his belongings in a small backpack. Is he ever going to find peace in an unfamiliar country?

Short film, comedy,

A pub, a group of friends and a seemingly innocent practical joke. In essence, That is all it takes for Preben to find himself in a crunch as he meets Mari and invites her back to his place. His plans are – well – let’s just say things may not work out quite as planned and therefore Preben discovers that he isn’t quite the person he thought he was. He finally has to make a choice he might regret (or not…).