We have just finished shooting our latest project:

Bring Down The House – a web series in 10 episodes

It’s 1990 and Linda and her family lost most of their money when the stock markets crashed. After a trip to Las Vegas where she met the dancer Jack, Linda decides to open a club in the poshest area in her home town, investing her last savings.

“I have studied business at the best private colleges and I know what I need to know,” Linda explains to her sister Billie.

But as Linda soon will find out, theory and practice can be totally different. Especially when she hires family and friends to work for her.

Welcome to the film collective PurpleDragons!

We are  a non-profit production company and an expanding, collective film community based in Oslo, Norway. We discovered that quite a few people, aspiring to or already in the film industry, were looking for a place to learn the industry outside schools and universities, to feel included and inspired. There was an obvious need to create a space in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe to share ideas, knowledge and experience. We believe that as a tight-knit collective we are stronger and have more lasting impact on society.

We produce, we create, we teach and we develop film and TV stories. Our productions are diverse in theme, style, cast and crew in terms of gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and ethnic background.

Perfekte Vegger

Short film | drama
Directed by Camilla Moen-Nilsen

When woman came to earth

Short film | mixed media
Directed by Anne-Kjersti Bjørn

Our values

With courage, integrity and full transparency — we embrace and intend to expand our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our members, our partners, and our stories can blossom, become influential and be important for others.

Dragons in folklore were often peaceful, wise creatures with great powers that were used for protection only. They protected their protegees, coveted their common secrets, cared for their own, shared knowledge and ideas and discriminated no-one. Come – be a Dragon with us!

We want to work with topics like humanity, integration, co-existence, human rights, identity and ethical dilemmas. Anything that can further development, enlightenment, tolerance and co-working without profit as the main motive.

Some videos from our monthly workshop PurpleFilm