Featured project: “Feil/fri” – series in development

The young man Samir struggles to live up to the expectations of his family and girlfriend and to understand his own identity when he falls in love with his girlfriend’s gay brother who just moved in.

We meet the four friends Samir, Ingrid, Sara, and Mo. The story revolves around living up to family and society’s expectations, versus living a life where you are true to yourself and your desires. The action is set in a smaller town where everyone knows everyone.

Format: Series
Genre: drama, comedy
Technical specs: Color, 4K, 16:9.
No. of Seasons: 4,
No. of Episodes: 40

Actors: Tariq Arshad, Kaja Vik, Martin Lax, Yara Emilie, Behsat Saka.
Writers: Cecilie Holtan, Laura Thu Nguyen, Halli Sharif, Nadina Helen Bakos
Producers: Nadina Helen Bakos and Laura Thu Nguyen

Welcome to the film collective PurpleDragons!

We are a non-profit production company and an expanding film community, based in Oslo, Norway. We started the film collective in 2016 because we discovered that many aspiring filmmakers were looking for a place to learn the industry outside schools and universities, and to feel included in an exclusionary sector. Our productions are diverse in theme, style, cast, and crew in terms of gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, age, and ethnic background. We believe that as a tight-knit collective we are stronger and have a more lasting impact on society.

We develop and produce films, TV-series and web-series. We collaborate, we create, we teach, we uplift each other and we have fun. Join us!

What we do(n’t) know

Short film | experimental
Directed by Mari Ørstavik
Producer: Cristo Borrachero

When woman came to earth

Short film | mixed media
Directed by Anne-Kjersti Bjørn
Producer: Bjørn Braathen and Nadina Helen Bakos

Our values

With courage, integrity and full transparency — we embrace and intend to expand our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our members, our partners, and our stories can blossom, become influential and be important for others.

Dragons in folklore were often peaceful, wise creatures with great powers that were used for protection only. They protected their protegees, coveted their common secrets, cared for their own, shared knowledge and ideas and discriminated no-one. Come – be a Dragon with us!

We want to work with topics like humanity, integration, co-existence, human rights, identity and ethical dilemmas. Anything that can further development, enlightenment, tolerance and co-working without profit as the main motive.

Some videos from our monthly workshop PurpleFilm