Purple48 is a compressed film production workshop and competition that lasts for 48 hours. The theme of the Purple48 will be given at startup. Each participant is assigned to a group consisting of photo, sound, floor manager, director, actors etc) and together they will make a short film from the idea from the theme to the final clip. The maximum film length is 7 minutes including scroll text, and may have a maximum of 2 characters. The films produced will be screened at Cafèteateret in Oslo, where one of them will win a price:  the opportunity to develop the story, a small budget to cover expenses (not salary) to produce the film, and professional help from the film collective PurpleDragons. If you don’t have your own equipment,  you can borrow what you need.

If you have any questions send an e-mail to info(a)purpledragonstales.com

Svartepetter (18)

Nedre Løkka (18)

Seksjon -13- (18)

Boxn (18)