Members of the film collective

We are a community with members and participants in all professions and positions in filmmaking, aiming to assist each other in our professional endeavours; developing our collective talents together. Trying out different roles is encouraged, and everyone is invited to develop ideas for production. Here are some of our members:

Lada Dali

Script supervisor, first assistant director, production assistant.

Lada is a mechanical engineer who is passionate about film and telling stories. She has had different roles in the films we have make and enjoy getting new challenges. Ladas knowledge of mechanics allows her to build alternative solutions for film productions. She has a desire to develop their knowledge and experience about the technical part of the film work such as sound, lighting and photography.

Rikke Skipsfjord

Actress, director, editor

Rikke is a freelance actress. She has a Bachelor degree in acting from Falmouth University, England. Has since acted in several short films and worked as an entertainer for “Pixie Dust Princess Parties”. She is always open to new challenges that will allow her to grow and further her skills. Speaks fluent Norwegian and English.

Cecilie Holtan

Writer, editor, actor.

Cecilie did her Bachelor in Communication and Cultural Studies with a Minor in Creative Writing and a Minor in Journalism, Australia. She´s also studied international politics as well as creative writing at Forfatterstudiet in Bø. In 2017 /2018 she attended Aschehougs forfatterskole. Cecilie has acted in several theatre, role plays and short films.

Terje Bruun Lien 

Collaborator, actor, director.

Born in 1951, I am a retired Radio/TV journalist/host, marketer, advisor, PR manager, public service manager and teacher. I work quite a lot as an actor on a regular basis but most of my time is spent participating in almost all activities in PD.

Liew Ceng Teng

Sound engineer, film editor, director, composer.

He finished his Bachelor’s degree in 2015. His works, as composer and sound mixing, has been shown on different festivals like Cannes, NFFTY, Roma CinemaDoc and more. He has also directed a music documentary film called Trio-trio showed in New York, LA and New Mexico.

To create a great film is all about teamwork, preparing, understanding, compromise, struggling and most important to have fun.

Ivar Sverrisson  

Actor, director, scriptwriter.

Ivar has been acting on stage since he was 9 and has finished a 4 years Bachelor degree in acting from the Icelandic Academy of the Fine Arts. Always evolving and ready to take on new challenges, he developed himself as a contemporary dancer and physical actor in groups such as Jo Strømgren Kompani and Grusomhetens teater while he is co-founder of the experimental theatre group, RukRuk Company.

Johannes Hellstrand 

Director, script, producer, first assistant director.

Oslo-based freelance writer, director and producer that mostly makes fiction and documentaries. He has made documentaries for NRK and other channels, and have won a high-hanging award called “Oslo bys kunstnerpris” for his work.

Mari Ørstavik

Actress, writer, director.

Growing up nothing was more important to Mari than stories. When she discovered films she was sold. This love for story and film is still very present in Mari today. She graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and studied at the Ivana Chubbuck studios in Hollywood. As a filmmaker Mari has experience both writing and directing, as well as the physical and technical aspects like camera operating, editing, lighting, etc. She thrives in a creative environment and views every day she’s on set as a good day.

Wisha Smiler

Actress, foley, make-up.

Wisha comes from a family of artists and has lived a bohemian and eventful childhood surrounded by creative people from all continents. She is passionate about art in all forms. Early she began with drawing, but quickly became interested in makeup, foley, special effects, dance, theater, cinema, costume design, music and sculpture. She sees art as a form of expression and various disciplines such as different languages.

This year, we aim to

  • Make at least 3 short films, where any of our members may be the director/writer of each one
  • Host regular, scheduled workshops, events and seminars for networking and developing filming skills, writing skills, directing skills and good practises
  • Develop a drama/comedy series for TV in a writing group and producing a pilot to sell to distributors/TV stations
  • Produce members’ ideas and manuscripts
  • Work to make our community bigger, stronger and in the longer term to get decisive impact in changing parts of the established practises in the Norwegian film industry