We offer a variety of audiovisual productions. From small projects too long lenght film productions.

Our prices adapt to your needs. Here you can check a basic price list.

Contact us for a consultation about your need.

10.000 – 15.000

Within this budget we can help you with a part of your production. If you need help to develop an idea we have a professional team that can help you for a day (photographer, editor, sound man, actors, 1stAD) .

30.000 – 40.000

Within this budget we will produce a simple production for you. This includes from preproduction to the final edited film. With simple we mean: filmed intervjues, (digital) conference, streaming, commercials (depends on the side of the production).

60.000 – 80.000

Within this budget we can develop a full product from idea to final film. Including communication and branding. We have a group of people that are specialised in communication.

+ 100.000

It is many reasons that is responsible for the price of a production. Thats why we offer production in this price range. If you want to have a professional actor or an special director or en film production that takes many resources, we are ready for that.